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31+ Beautiful Mehndi design ideas in 2021 | mehndi designs, henna design

Gangur festival has a special place in Rajasthan which is celebrated by women. All women celebrate this festival in honor of Goddess Gauri who was the wife of Lord Shiva. Therefore, for this festival, all women adorn themselves with traditional jewelry and mehndi. They choose the best Gangur mehndi designs to make them look cute.

Since the festival originated mainly in Rajasthan, Rajasthani mehndi design is famous for the occasion and most women choose these mehndi design. Therefore, Rajasthan has all the roots of special Gangur mehndi design. There is nothing better than Rajasthani mehndi design if you want to combine tradition and spirituality.

Rajasthani mehndi design is known for their associated style that fills both your hands. So, if you want to cover your hands with stylish mehndi design, then try some of these amazing mehndi designs especially for Gangur 2021.

These mehndi design are not only popular among women, they have also been chosen by the younger generation as it has a blend of modernity and modernity which makes these designs very popular among women of all ages. Various mirrors depicting art also originated with Rajasthani mehndi design and is considered to be one of the most difficult art of mehndi.

Nowadays, when it comes to Gangur Mehndi Design 2021, women try to mix traditional art with modern and therefore, it creates a fusion with Pakistani or Arabic Mehndi design. Today, each design with two or three mixed patterns has set a standard for modern mehndi design and that is why most women prefer them.

To inspire you with some amazing Rajasthani mehndi design for Gangur, we have come up with a lot of great mehndi design for 2021. Just visit our blog to find suitable Gangur Mehndi design according to your desire and choice. And, don’t forget to show them after you put them on your beautiful hands !!

Stunning Gangaur Mehndi Designs For 2021 

Choosing the best Rajasthani mehndi design for Gangur is a difficult task for all women. If you want to go a little further, this is Gangur, you can try Gangur mehndi designs listed below. But make sure you make the right choice for your hands.

Here, we are going to talk about some mehndi designs that will be perfect for the occasion of Jogangur. The festival marks the celebration of marriage and love between a couple like Lord Shiva and his wife Gauri. So, how can you not make yourself an ornament for such a special occasion? Here we have these Rajasthani mehndi designs that will blow your mind during this festival.

01 Rajasthani Mehndi Design with Floral Patterns

hand mehndi design

02 Floral Rajasthani Mehndi Designs with Elaborate Spacing

hand mehndi design

03 Full hand Mehndi design

04 Creative and Minimal Mehndi Designs

05 Mehndi Design with Different Motifs

hand mehndi design

06 Eye-Pleasing Mehndi Design with Strips

hand mehndi design

07 Mehndi Designs with A Pop of Color

08 Shaded Gangaur Mehndi Design with Light and Heavy Strokes

09 Peacock Motifs for Feet

10 Be Elegant with This Arabic Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

11 Mehndi Design with Spirals and Curves

12 Go Trendy with Boho Look

hand mehndi design

13 Simple Jaali Design for Front Hands

hand mehndi design

14 Famous Mirror Image Art Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

15 Portrait of The Couple to Show Love Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

16 Full Circle Mehndi Design

17 Rangoli Mehndi Design with Floral Motifs

hand mehndi design

18 Full Hands Mehndi with Peacock Design

hand mehndi design

19 Amazing Mehndi Designs for Backhands

20 Mandala Rajasthani Mehndi Designs

21 Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

22 Beautiful Back Hand Mehndi Design

23 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

24 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

25 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

26 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

27 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

28 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

29 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

hand mehndi design

30 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

31 Beautiful Front Hand Mehndi Design

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