Greetings Everyone!

Simrat Kaur

Welcome to my blog, I have been the creative artist and designer behind since 2017. You can enjoy more than four thousand henna design images with creativity and dedication to the arts and create excitement about all aspects of life. By creating awareness about blogging and sharing the best information since 2017. I welcome you all to my website.

Dilreet Jaikaar

I am from Delhi, India and got my degree in education while studying for my Masters, I developed an unquenchable love of fashion and textiles, which enabled me to teach these areas of art. Simrat Kaur is my best friend and we love working together. We are Indian Blogger & Social Media influence marketing.

Who we are?

We belong to Dehli, India, and serving people by creating painting, handkerchief, Mehndi design, casual, party and bridal make up on customers demand. With the help of great God we are trying our best to produce our advance service in our expertise area of art.

Honestly! The excursion was a roller coaster full of experience. It started three years ago when we finished our education and wanted to start working somewhere but as they say destiny falls when you expect it. So, instead of acting on someone’s orders, we decided to become our own boss and started unquenchable love of fashion and textiles, creating painting, handkerchief, Mehndi design.

Mahendlibas came into being with the idea of ​​sharing what we have learned and what we love with people around the world. Much like our own, our blog has changed a lot over the years. What started out as a platform to share our art and creativity became familiar with fashion, textiles, life hacks, organization, recycling, blogging tips and everything.

Achievements and recognition:

Our creativity and our passion for our blog is what we have successfully placed as a blogger towards our success and the establishment. It is a great achievement for us that our art and blog have been featured in great sources.

Accepting blog collaborations & Social media campaigns

Work together with other blogs & business is fun. I like to accept guest posts by other writers, bloggers & business professionals. I can help in improving SEO & ranking, as I have high DA rank of my blog. I have five years experience in blogging & digital content creation.